Thursday, October 20, 2022

Volunteer Spotlight - Anna Krüger



Anna Paulin Krüger


20 years old



3 Words to describe yourself:

Organized – Empathetic - Short

    Tell us about your career so far. What did you do before you came to volunteer in Tapulanga?

    "I just finished my college in Germany."


    Why did you want to do volunteering for a year? 

    "I really want to know how people live in other countries. I want to broaden my horizon and gain new impressions and learn something from different cultures as well as learning about myself."


    What made you choose the Philippines? 

    Here, everyone is so welcoming and so friendly. I feel very welcome here."


    Why did you choose Tapulanga?

    "There’s so much things I can do with the children here. I like to share my inputs for the children’s welfare."

    What is the most exciting or most memorable thing that happened to you during your few weeks as a volunteer? 

    "One thing that really warmed my heart was during the first week. The kids didn’t know me that well but when I was in class, all kids were jumping and shouting “Ms. Anna!” and they all wanted to cuddle me. They were all so warm and friendly even though I don’t personally know them."


    What do you find to be most challenging about your work? How do you deal with it? 

    "I think the most challenging thing is that most of the students are not open to committing mistakes in front of us because they think that since we are white people, we are perfect people. They think we are different people, so they don’t go to us."


    Who or what inspires you? 

"What inspires me is the way Filipino people  handle different situations.

Tell us more about yourself!


    What are you passionate about outside of work? 

    "I really love spending time with other people. I love traveling, swimming and diving. I also love to just relax and sunbathe."

Tell us 2 things that you have learned so far. 

"I learned that Filipinos do a sign of the cross when praying. I learned how to say “Maayong  Aga!” which means good morning and I also tried Guapple pie for the 1st time! It was so good!"


    What is one thing you are good at?

–    "Organizing"


    What is one Ilonggo word/phrase you like to use?

–     “Halong!” which means take care!


Bonus Questions!

    What’s your comfort food?

–    A German pasta called “ Spätzle”


    What’s your target destination in the Philippines? Why? 

      "Apo island!"


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