Friday, May 28, 2010

Nickelodeon Goes to SFAS!

It was the best day to 50 kids in SFAS last May 19, 2010!
They got a big surprise of receiving Nickelodeon backpacks
with an umbrella inside it ... thanks to MTV Asia!
Inside their bags were a set of school supplies as well,
thanks to their donors/sponsors!

They are definitely all set to go to school!

MTV Asia also donated other supplies like puzzles, pens and key chains,
which will be used as prizes to students
during games and contests in the school,
and balls and dominoes which will be used as educational toys
for the preschool classes.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Getting Ready for a New School Year!

The foundation is busy as ever preparing to give out free school books to 235 scholars on Monday, May 17, 2010.

And for the first time ever, thanks to more generous donors, ALL scholars will be receiving FREE SCHOOL SUPPLIES! A special thanks to the Campus Ministry of Riverside College who donated school supplies to 25 scholars. This is their second year to help with school supplies. Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Calanog did a school supplies fund drive to provide 40 scholars!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Many Thanks To All Of You!


Jason Moss (who designed our logo)
Anne Ordonez-del Rosario (who designed our flyers and tarps)

Akubo Software, Inc.
SIMAG Foundation
Hawaiian Philippine Company
GRACE Foundation
Mayor Jose Montelibano, City of Silay
Tinihaban Agricultural Corporation
Mrs. Tisha Agustin-Sy
Mr. and Mrs. Ricky Yanson
Mrs. Jenny Sarmiento-Icasas
Anonymous donor
Mrs. Corazon Estardo-Chiofalo
Mr. Stephen Matti
Ms. Lee Meily
Lonoy Agricultural Corporation
Mang Inasal
Councilor Salvador "Buddy" Segovia
Anonymous Donor
Ervie Gallespen
Michelle Ledesma
Lizette Yulo-Baldevia
Maricar Golez-Ellis
Sir Mike and Ms. Ging Graham
Negros Cultural Foundation
Balay Negrense

Betsy Gazo, Cecille Ledesma
Dra. Jocelyn Gauzon-Gayares, Kitty Cooper
Mrs. Ninah Comia, Mrs. Gloria Rodriguez
Mrs. Tima Lacson, Mr. and Mrs. Art Legarde
Mrs. Ligaya Golez, Councilor Pop-i Locsin
Vice Mayor Mark Golez, Dra. Dianne Nandwani
Tweety Golez, Trixie Ledesma-Servida
Kitkat Lobaton

Arlyn Navarra, Ann Carmona, Dickie Castillo
Dr. Ed Ordonez, Dr. Madeleine Pacis, Dra. Tina Ancheta-Puey
Ernie Malata, Dr. Julius dela Cruz, Matthew Ledesma, Melissa Tan-Labay
Lopue's East-Arabelle Lopue, Misyel Uy-Gerona, Grace Lorizo
Rodolfo Azanza Jr., Marivic Abello, Genevi Gonzales, Lenchen Abello
Tashie Fuentebella-Sales, Gina Villanueva, Mymy Diosana
Mrs. Maria Rosa Gamban, Dino Cajili


The Silay Summer Workshop '10 Output and Graduation

After a month of fun classes, the Silay Summer Workshop '10 held an Output and Graduation last May 7, 2010 at the Social Hall, Silay Institute. The Basic Drawing and Painting class had an exhibit of all the works of the students.

The Integrated Music and Hip Hop Dance classes entertained the audience with several performances. The Teen-Age Acting class performed a one-act play entitled "Manggad sa Sulod sang Tansan." Certificates were handed out by the teachers to their students.


See you next year!

The 1st Ever Eco-Friendly Mud Chapel in Negros!

The Philippine Reef and Rainforest Conservation Foundation, Inc. and Tapulanga Foundation, Inc. held the 2nd Mud House Building Workshop in Negros last April 19 - 24, 2010. This time, the Akubo Prayer House was built in St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City. The prayer house is donated by Akubo Software, Inc. (

Why build with mud? Mudhouse building technology has been around for at least 6,000 years. It is still being used in countries like Thailand, India and Australia. Built with abundant natural material, mudhouses are sustainable, low-cost and an eco-friendly housing option. Mudhouses are ideal in tropical climates. They are well insulated, staying cool in the summer and keep the warmth in cold weather. Building with mud allows you the creative freedom to turn a home into a natural sculpture!

Twenty-five people joined the workshop,
four of whom flew all the way from Manila!

Ms. Kaila Ledesma was the facilitator of the workshop.
A true inspiration to all of us as she shared not only her knowledge
but her time, resource, dedication and enthusiasm
in building the mud chapel.

The chapel is 70 squares meter in size.
SFAS has no chapel or prayer room in campus because it would
cost the school Php500,000 to build one and it just couldn't afford.
The estimated cost for the mud chapel is Php100,000, labor and materials.

Recycled wine bottles, medicine bottles and glass and ceramic plates
were used on the walls for design. Many of the participants
had so much creative juices in them - they flowed out in all the walls of the mud chapel!

The mud chapel is almost done!
The walls are being coated with lime.
The roof is half-way covered with cogon grass.

The manual labor was therapeutic while creating wall designs made us artistic! The workshop was a fulfilling community-building project and I'm grateful to have been part of it. - Fiona Borres (Manila) my dream of building my own house has become so doable and affordably real :) - Bing Benin (Silay)

"At whatever phase you are in your life, you have to challenge yourself to do unfamiliar things and learn the discipline that goes with it." - Mrs. Lynell Gaston (Silay)

TEAMWORK! Teamwork made our mudhouse successful. In a group work you should work as one. Teamwork made our work easier, faster and lighter. - Edcil Buensuceso (SFAS student)

There's no quicker and more fulfilling way to get things done but through community effort. - Tara Illenberger (Manila)

Beauty can come from the simplest of materials, with creativity and the right frame of mind. - Leah Sanchez (Manila)

A special thank you to these people who donated their time and/or resources
during the Mudhouse Workshop:
Bonfire Productions (documenting the workshop)
Lonoy Agricultural Corporation (donated all the rice straw and husk we needed)
Mr. and Mrs. Joey Benin (donated antique bowls, lent their ladder and
sent reinforcement on our last day when we needed more people to work)
NIIC Lime (donated our lime)
Nina Paras (donated glass bowls)
Miles and Lenchen Abello, Denise Gaston, Aiai Lim, Marvy Sala, Mitzi Tonggoy, Mymy Luzuriaga, Joey Gaston (donated wine bottles)
Jamete Trebol (for the beautiful bird/dove sculptures)
Tinihaban Agricultural Corporation (extra reinforcement and FINISHING the chapel)
Mr. and Mrs. Buddy Segovia (tents to cover the mudhouse when the rains came)

Learning to Take a GREAT Photo

The Practical Photography Class of Jay Abello held last April 12 - 17, 2010 at Balay Negrense, Silay City was participated by 15 amateur hobbyists, six of whom were students.

The participants were re-oriented with the essential principles of photography. What makes a photograph good and what makes it great? They also learned how professionals take winning photographs. And they learned how to shoot every genre there is: travel, glamor, still life, portraiture, etc.

The class did not teach technical stuff on photography. It was strictly a creative class.

Participants were basically taught how to take a "great" picture.
During their first 3 days, they took photos
at the Silay City market and Balay Negrense.

On the other days, they learned to take photos of
food and products.

First, read your manual! It is information at your fingertips! Photography is capturing a moment ... it only passes once! Be ready with the technical settings of your camera so you can capture that perfect moment perfectly! - Mrs. Ina Gaston

Taking the practical photography class with Jay was an unique experience - challenging and a lot of fun. The importance of focus, light, time of day and really knowing your subject are now foremost on my mind each time I reach for my camera. - Mrs. Gigi Campos

"At whatever phase you are in your life, you have to challenge yourself to do unfamiliar things and learn the discipline that goes with it."
- Mrs. Lynell Gaston

"A soft photo ruins the story of the photo; it will make the theme artificial." -
Stephanie Montero, student

A special thank you to these people who donated their time and/or resources
during the Practical Photography Workshop:
Checcs Osmena
Ann Acaso
Gboy Dacles
"the models" - Axa and Alexa Yao, Maricar Octaviano, Enrique and Sabina Gaston
Denise Gaston of Cafe 1925


The Silay Summer Workshop '10

To address the growing demand of summer activities for the growing population of children in the city of Silay, Tapulanga Foundation offered a month-long summer arts camp geared towards “playing and having fun whilst learning a craft” entitled The Silay Summer Workshop ‘10” on April 12 to May 7, 2010. It was co-sponsored by AY Foundation and Bonfire Productions and hosted by Silay Institute (SI) and St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City Foundation (SFAS).

A total of 107 students and professionals joined, with student-scholars coming from SI, SFAS, Adela, Alicante and Sto. Rosario Elementary Schools, National High Schools of Tanza, E.B. Magalona, E. Lopez and Dona Monserrat Lopez, San Isidro Extension HS, Don Bosco Technical Institute, St. Mary Mazarello School and Dr. Antonio A. Lizares Memoral HS.

Our workshop instructors and facilitators came from very diverse but professional backgrounds and we offered their expertise not just to teach our kids a certain craft, but to make sure they had fun doing it and that they learned how to play well. Our main thrust was to give the children a fun experience in learning a craft in the arts during their summer break.


Teachers: Rex Cuenca, Ting Cristales and Jojo Regollo
Participants: 25 students from ages 9 - 14 years old


Teachers: Milton Dionzon, Oliver Dondonay and Cristina Tugaff
Participants: 12 students from ages 13 - 16 years old


Teachers: Champ Tipon and Lea Faith Perartilla
Participants: 17 students from ages 13 - 16 years old


Teacher: Harry Pineda
Participants: 14 students from ages 9 - 16 years old

(a separate blog to follow)

Teacher: Jay Abello
Participants: 15 (ages 13 and above)
The class was held in Balay Negrense, Silay City
from April 12 - 17 and May 4, 2010.

(a separate blog to follow)

Teacher: Kaila Ledesma
Participants: 24 (ages 13 and above)
The class was held in SFAS, Silay City
from April 19 - 24, 2010.