Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Tapulanga Garden's Vegetables Ready for Harvest

Tapulanga garden's crops are ready for harvest this summer!  Ms. Micmic Golez, Executive Director of the foundation, in photo shows some of the first harvests like tomatoes, eggplant, papaya and "alogbati" (a leafy vegetable).  Other crops being grown are squash, okra, string beans, malunggay, corn, sweet potato and monggo beans.

Tapulanga garden started in February of this year in preparation for the opening of a new school year this June.  Located in a vacant area in front of the high school building of St. Francis of Assisi School, an assortment of  vegetables are grown here to supply the needs of the Lunch Meal program of the foundation, where scholars, teachers and staff avail of free lunch the entire school year.  This summer, vendors have been buying the vegetables to sell in the market.

The garden is tended by Mr. Anecito Guanzon and high school scholars take turn every day in helping with some of the garden work like weeding and watering.