Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The 4th Graders' Educational Trip to Bago City

Now and then, donors of Tapulanga Foundation go beyond paying for the tuition, or school books, or the lunch meals of students. On the birthday of the donor herself (last September), her fourth grader scholar, Francielle Acuesca, and her classmates went on a day trip to the southern part of Bacolod – a trip funded by her donor, Mrs. Ria Rochvarg, all the way from Maryland, U.S.A.

Led by tourist guide Miss Betsy Gazo and escorted by several parents, the class went aboard a Cebro bus and visited Bacolod City’s main landmark first – the Capitol Lagoon, which sits right in front of the Capitol Building.

They shortly headed for May’s Organic Garden and Restaurant – a rising agri-tourism spot in the province. The kids were introduced to the abundance of organic livestock, herbs, even ducks and cattle, and the fresh fruits and vegetables harvested straight from their gardens.

Next stop – the OISCA Bago Training Center. The Organization for Industrial, Spiritual, and Cultural Advancement (OISCA), a Japan-based NGO, has been in the Philippines for almost 30 years.

The group stopped by for lunch at the Bantayan Park. What sets the place apart from most parks, however, is that it sits right next to Bago River – a wide stretch of water with a riverbank that people could easily mistake for a beach.  They enjoyed a free meal of spaghetti, chicken, rice and drink!

The last stop was at the relatively new Tomiko’s Vintage Glass Museum, owned by Tomas Claridad Casiano. A retired florist from Beverly Hills, he recently returned home after more than twenty years.

Here, the kids found to their amazement the extensive collection of over 2,000 glasses pieces – vases, Victorian lamps, decorative objects, Depression glasses.

Needless to say, the trip was a great experience for Francielle and her classmates, and introduced them to some of the province’s upcoming tourist-worthy destinations.  Thank you Mrs. Rochvarg for making this possible!