Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Franzi's and Annelie's Weekly Journal

[Week 18 Feb - 22 Feb 2019]

During the third week we already had something like a routine. In the morning we went to the classes and to the library and in the afternoon we read the stories for the little children.

But there was also something new in our schedule. After the regular classes of the students, the sponsored students had to stay another hour at school to write the letters for their sponsor. We started in grade one and continued every day with the next grade. All the students were really happy to draw and write some words for their sponsor.

We also joined the practices for the sports fest in March. So all the high schoolers had to practice during P.E and after the school for their cheer dance competition and even the ones from elementary school started to learn a dance which they are going to perform.

So it was another exciting week and we're looking forward to all the following weeks where we have the opportunity to work with Tapulanga Foundation and the St. Francis of Assisi school!

See you next week 👋
Franzi and Annie

Monday, February 18, 2019

Hello Silay City!

We, Annelie and Franziska, are two german girls who came as volunteers to the Philippines. We are now assigned in Tapulanga Foundation where we're going to stay until July 2019. In this blog we will write about the activities we did during our week in the school of Saint Francis of Assisi.

[weeks 04 Feb - 15 Feb 2019]

Our first workday was on Wednesday (06 Feb) after the Chinese New Year. The schedule is nearly every day the same:
  •  The first three hours of the day we're joining grade 5 + 6 in the subjects English, Math and Science. During this time we assist the teacher and help the students with their exercises.
  • Before lunch time we spent one hour to reorganize the library so the students have a better overview about the books the library is offering.
  • At 1pm we start going to the daycare and the kindergarten where we're part of the story telling.

The only irregular day is Wednesday where we're the whole day assigned in the P.E classes of the high school.

So especially during the first days of our new work we started to observe everything, get to know everyone and try to remember their names.

In our second week everything was about the exams of the third quarter. Which means that all students had two exams on Wednesday, two exams on Friday and their performance task on Thursday. Due to this events we spend most of the time in the library where we can already see first progresses.

Moreover we had our first experiences reading some english stories in the kindergarten.
And there was also the day of Valentin which the students celebrated a bit eventhough they had their performance task this day. So thank you very much for all the presents, which were really cute, and belated happy Valentine's to everybody!

See you next week 👋
Franzi and Annie