Monday, January 16, 2017

Mrs. Mitos Gloudemans Visits SFAS

Last September 30, Mrs. Mitos Bayog-Gloudemans with husband, Tony, and good friend, Atty. Connie Rivera, visited St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City for the first time and met her scholar, Ruel Badian, Jr., a Pre-Kindergarten student.  Mitos chose Ruel to be her scholar during the 60 Scholars Challenge last summer.

"Our visit to your school and meeting Ruel was very emotionally rewarding. Hope that it won't be too long for us to visit him again." Tony and Mitos Gloudemans

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Kristine Labayen Reyes Finds Joy in Sending Kids to School

TF donor, Kristine Labayen Reyes, visited St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City last September 6 and met her new TF scholars, Pauline and Aina Mae.  Kristine finds joy in supporting Tapulanga Foundation and sponsored a scholar a couple of years ago and decided to sponsor again this school year 2016-2017.  
Kristine Reyes and her scholars, Aina Mae PaciƱo and Pauline del Sol, 7th graders.
Kristine with her girlfriends (L-R): Alaine Borja, Kristine Reyes, Aina Mae, Pauline,
Leizel Esteban, Joy Araneta and Trixia Aspan.
Kristine conversed with the school principal, JR Abello.
"It was really nice to see the girls and meet them. They seem to be well behaved, respectful, and studious. I hope I can get to know more about them; their interests, their dreams, their challenges. I can feel that they have a lot of potential and I would really like to inspire them to dream big and study hard to achieve bigger things in life." by Kristine Labayen Reyes

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Friday, September 2, 2016

Mrs. Lolita Jardeleza Visits SFAS Once Again

Last July 26, Mrs. Lolita Ledesma-Jardeleza visited St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City once again and met five of her six scholars.  Her 6th scholar is in Grade 11 at Riverside College in Bacolod City.  Ms. Inday, as she is fondly called by everyone, was on vacation from the United States of America and brought along her son, Rob, and her five grandchildren.

L-R Back: Darby, Libby, Billy, Maddie, Danny and Eva
Front: Leenen, Aileen, Ms. Inday, Lorebeth, Mariel and Lorie
Ms. Inday has been one of Tapulanga Foundation's most loyal and generous supporter for many, many years.  In 2004, she taught at the school for six months.  She attends the yearly benefit dinner in Maryland.  Some of her children also support their own scholar at St. Francis through the foundation.

Ms. Inday with SFAS Principal JR Abello

Mr. JR Abello, school principal, gave them a tour of the school, including the new building and the mud chapel.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Mrs. Jerebeth Abordaje Meets Her Scholar for the First Time!

Last June 30, TF donor Jerebeth Abordaje visited St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City for the first time and met her 7th grade scholar, Alkin Sellado.  Ms. Jerebeth joined the 60 Scholar in 30 Days Challenge 2016 last summer.

"I was happy and excited to meet Alkin in person. Being able to help someone attain a quality education is a privilege for me because I want to give hope that someone's life or a family for that matter will someday be economically better. I pray that Alkin will persevere to do his best with this opportunity for his sake, his family and his future generation."  by Jerebeth M. Abordaje

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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Dine for a Cause 2016 at Fogo

Last July 5, Tapulanga Foundation had its first restaurant-engaging fundraising event at Fogo in Bacolod City.  Fogo donated 20% of their food sales for that day to the foundation. The funds raised will benefit the scholars who are joining after school programs of St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City like sports (Football, Volleyball and Taekwondo) and Boy Scouts. 

To Fogo, thank you so much for partnering with Tapulanga Foundation for this event.  And a bigger THANK YOU to all the family and friends who supported the event by dining at Fogo!

For more photos, click here.

Monday, August 1, 2016

Mrs. Geegee Catral and Dra. Bernardita Gabriel Finally Met Their Scholars!

Last June 9, on the first day of school, TF donors Mrs. Geraldine "Geegee" Catral of Beacon School and her mother, Dra. Bernardita Tolentino-Gabriel, visited St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City and met their scholars for the first time!  Ms. Geegee has been a sponsor since 2014 through the 75 Scholars in 30 Days Challenge.  She sponsors one child to school and sponsors three lunch meals of scholars.

L-R: Ms. Geegee with her lunch meal scholars, Ashly Santillan, Mark Canicula and Abby Libo-on
and her full scholar, Richelle Bernasol.

Dra. Gabriel sponsored a scholar in 2014 for one school year then sponsored a new scholar during the 60 Scholars in 30 Days Challenge in April of this year.

Dra. Bernardita Gabriel with her new scholar, Cheriemel Piedad.

The donors gave new backpacks to their scholars.

L-R: Dra. Bernardita Gabriel, Ms. Geegee Catral, Ashly Santillan, Mark Canicula, Abby Libo-on, Cheriemel Piedad and Richelle Libo-on
Back L-R: Micmic Golez, Mrs. Tet Pison-Regalado and Dra. Giselle Gabriel

Also, see Ms. Geegee's post on her FB account in this link.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A Yearly Visit of TF Donor-Siblings, Mary Ann Deduque and Andy Ledesma

Last May 3, as the enrollment process started at St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City, Mrs. Mary Ann Ledesma-Deduque with children Johann and Kayla met up with their TF scholar, Bryll, with his sibling Glenn and mother, Elna. Together with Mary Ann was his brother, Andy, who is also a TF donor with daughter Francheska. 

(Back L-R) Andy, Francheska, Mary Anne, Elna
(Front L-R) Kayla, Johann, Bryll and Glenn
Mary Ann started sponsoring Bryll last school year when she joined the 60 Scholars Challenge 2015.  They toured the school and the kids had fun on the children's playground.  

Mrs. Deduque expressed her enjoyment during the time she visited the school and meeting Bryll for the second time in this Facebook post.  The Ledesma siblings with their family visit their hometown Silay every summer and they have now added a visit to St. Francis of Assisi School as well.