Tuesday, October 11, 2022

German Volunteers' Journal [October 3 - 7]

Hi, this is Jan!

I work at St. Francis of Assisi School as a volunteer, where my duties mostly concern the grades 1, 2 and 3.

Last year, I came across the Tapulanga Foundation which offered one year of volunteer work, so since I was not able to wholly conduct my work as a yoga teacher due to the pandemic, helping others under these circumstances seemed the most reasonable thing to do.

This week, my Monday and Thursday looked somewhat similar, where I had to help grade three students who had issues with certain subjects. Further duties were related to collecting old LAS or distributing new ones for example. On Friday, this I had to do with Grade 2, but all days I was mostly working with Miss Jona, Miss Christy and Miss Theresa.

At noon, most students go home, except the ones who do their assigned homework. Mondays and Thursdays, I’m watching over grade 9 and Tuesdays and Fridays the grades 8 and 10 together with Miss Imelda.

On Tuesday, the school celebrated 58th years and the founder’s birthday, which was laid together with a Sports day and a mass, where I had no superior duties except for a general overwatch. Wednesday was off day due to World Teachers’ Day.

Until next time,

Jan 👋

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