Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Micro-Credit Answers the Economic Concerns of a Local Household

The once simple balcony of Mrs. Jocelyn Belgera's house has been turned into a small sari-sari store two years ago when she qualified to be one of Tapulanga Foundation's Micro-credit beneficiary. With P6,000.00 as starting capital, she shares she is able to send her son to college. She renews her loan every two months, paying on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. During peak months or when there is a special occasion like a fiesta or Christmas, she borrows more from the foundation to earn more.

Mrs. Belgera supports the weekly allowance of her son at John B. Lacson College, Alijis, Bacolod City from the income of her store. A resident of Hda. Tinihaban, Silay City, her son has to stay in Bacolod on weekdays, thus, she saves her income both for the allowance and the remittance payment for her micro-credit loan.

"It is the TRUST of the Tapulanga Foundation entrusted to me that I am very grateful about. I hope that both my children will learn the value of BEING MAN FOR OTHERS as they themselves will someday sponsor poor but deserving students."
Mrs. Belgera is married to Agapito, who is a farm laborer in Hacienda Tinihaban. They have two children: Jophet, a graduate of St. Francis of Assisi School and a scholar as well of the foundation and Agazelen, her daughter who is a Grade 6 scholar of St. Francis Of Assisi School at present.

Friday, January 6, 2012


Tapulanga Foundation's Christmas Giving Party
makes it HEARTY for EVERYONE!

A true spirit of sharing filled the ambiance of the recently celebrated Christmas party of the Tapulanga Foundation held last December 20, 2011 at St. Francis of Assisi School covered court.

The Christmas package of shoes, t-shirt, groceries, a plate and toothpaste was fully distributed to all its beneficiaries, 246 scholars from preschool to college, including the ham package for the 35 SFAS faculty and staff.

The afternoon celebration included a variety of games hosted by McDonald's, free balloons, free ice scramble and cotton candy, games like inflatable balloons and a trampoline, and more than one hundred raffle prizes. Thanks to WARNER BROS., INC. for donating most of the raffle prizes.

Three lucky winners won bikes as the grand prize. What more could everyone ask as each one's hand was full during the day.

Mr. Gerard Yusay celebrated his birthday by having his family join the festivities and sponsoring the McDonald's snacks!

Other donors and their families graced the occasion as well to be with the scholars like the Abello's, Ledesma's, del Rosario's, Calanog's, Benin's, Janice Ragona, Trixie Servida, and Ervie Gallespen.

The kids further got another fun gift from TF----- the Magic show by Magician Ivan!

Beaming faces obviously showed that fun was to a heart's content. The scholars are the reasons why patrons and donors are driven to reach out and help the less privileged. The grateful and appreciative gestures gave way to a worthwhile December affair for all who came.

A special thank you goes to ALL our donors who made TF's second Christmas party even more successful: Renzi Juarez, Anne del Rosario, Fiona Borres, Checcs Osmena-Orbida, Gerard and Leny Yusay, The Gigglebugs Gift and Party Shop, Corazon Chiofalo, Amy Strahl, Bing Benin, Jackie Millonado, Jenny Sarmiento-Icasas, ANONYMOUS donors, Betsy Gazo, Ervie Gallespen, Janet Villanueva, Micmic Golez, Marilou Kho, Vicky Ledesma, Donna Gorjon, Neal and Virgini Jarvis, Lourdes Schnur, Frank and Ida Reis, Tata Jalbuena, Jerome Concepcion, Dra. Marlene Anico, Therese Tuvilla-Borromeo, Luigi de la Paz, RJ and Marissa Laguda, Bill and Joanne Serelis, Doris and Richard Crafton, Murray McDonnel, Richard Yapjoco, Ada Mabilangan, Roberto Abello, Cheryl Zukowski, Bong Ledesma, Cora Barba, Elizabeth Tamayo-Luc, Dino Valte, Avis Frazier-Thomas, Michael and Ging Graham, Lia and Louis Ridout, Susan and George Clack, Cliff Crown, Maria Teresa Silva, Casey Ledesma, Melissa Wonchuking, Benjie Lerma, Trixie Servida, Amy Gregorio, Charles Miller, Fern and John Schmitt, Kimberly Hiban, Joanna and Edward Gutermuth, Mary Blake, Lolita Jardeleza, Kelly Blake, Edita Butler, Michael Rosenberg, Mary Jocelyn Vinson, Anne Gonnella, Erika Nichelson, Lota Concepcion, Sheila Tan, Jonathan Matz, Kay Weeks, Lester Straw, David Alexander, Therese Golez, Veronica de la Torre, Jack Ledesma, Margie Abello, Natalie Dingcong, Mary Chenoweth, Jessica Lau, Helen Burke, Milou Von Einseidel, Baby Buenaventura, Ernie Malata, Marita Murray, Dr. Ed Ordonez, Suzette Esteban, Christine Condon, Mary Reilly, Barbara Schuyler and Patricia Wilson, Amanda Collins, Patricia Sutliff, Josefine Ito, Elizabeth Tessmer, Elizabeth Jayne, Rafe Totengco, May Siy, Paul and Mimi Siy, Cayenne Gaston, Michelle Ledesma, Ervin Vergara, Sally Ledesma, Bacolod Adventist Medical Center, Chok and Des Castillo, Alice Lapeyriere, Vera Solis-Gervacio and Others

Check out our Facebook fan page for more pictures of the event: Christmas Gift Giving 2011.