Saturday, May 2, 2009

For Only Php450 or $10 a month, You Can Make Our Dreams Come True

We are Ashly and Arvy Santillan. We were born in August 17, 2004 so we are now 4 years and 8 months old. Our parents names are Charlito and May. Our father works as a security guard while our mother is a teacher (both earning more or less a net income of Php5,000 or $110 a month each). We are five children: the eldest is Micho and he will be a 4th year student this coming June; Reven will be in 2nd grade; and Kyrell will be in Prep. All of them study in St. Francis of Assisi School and are scholars of the Tapulanga Foundation. We would like to go to school in St. Francis of Assisi School like our brothers. Our parents cannot afford to send us there. Please help us!

The Santillan twins are applying for Kindergarten in June of this year in St. Francis of Assisi School. It will ONLY cost Php5,500.00 or $125.00 each for the twin's schooling for a year!

Ashly's dream is to become an accountant. Arvy's dream is to become a dancer and singer. Be an instrument in making the dreams of these girls a reality!

If you are interested to sponsor these kids, please email us at Thank you very much and God bless you!