Sunday, January 29, 2017

Susan Benin-Presto Meets Her Scholars!

Last October 20, TF donor Susan Benin-Presto from the USA visited St. Francis of Assisi School of Silay City with her mother, Lydia Benin, her brother (and TF Vice President), Joey Benin and sister-in-law, Bing Ledesma-Benin. She met her scholars, Kenneth Amaro, Kinder and Keith Sotis, Grade 2 and had a short chat with them.  

Ms. Susan with her two scholars, Keith and Kenneth

Top (L-R) Bing Benin, Susan Benin Presto, Lydia Benin and Joey Benin
Bottom (L-R) Keith Sotis and Kenneth Amaro

Joey, Bing, Lydia, Susan and Ms. Mic
Thank you so much Ms. Susan and family for taking time in meeting your scholars and visiting the school!

"I want to thank the Tapulanga Foundation again for giving me a chance to sponsor kids such as Kenneth and Keith. Visiting them and the school is one of the great memories that I will treasure. Seeing the smile on the kids' faces is just an expression of the joy in studying at St Francis. I felt very welcome and it felt like everyone appreciated our visit. It was good to know from Micmic that kids have to pass a test in order to be admitted at St Francis and it really proved that all the kids enjoy learning by their gestures. It was examinations day when we visited so most of the kids were so focused on their tests but they all greeted us with a smile and a "Good morning Miss/visitors" greeting!

I've sponsored kids from different organizations but this was the first time I've visited the kids at St Francis through the Tapulanga Foundation - I no longer see my financial support but rather I see an established bond with Kenneth and Keith which I will have the opportunity to expand my relationship with them and receive God's grace. My visit also gave me assurance of the the Tapulanga Foundation's financial stewardship. I believe that Kenneth and Keith are going to get a good education! Thanks again to Micmic, Gen and to the teachers...may you be blessed and may you continue to be a blessing!" - Mrs. Susan Presto

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