Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Scholar's Thank You Letter to Her Sponsor/Donor

One more week to go and school year 2009-2010 will be over. Graduation of 36 Grade 6 students and 35 4th year students will be on March 27, 2010. Of the 71 graduates, 30 of them are scholars of the Tapulanga Foundation and are very grateful for the opportunity given to them by their sponsors to finish in St. Francis of Assisi School.

March 19, 2010
Good day!

Our graduation is only a week away. I am so excited to receive the diploma I deserve and go through college life. I wonder if it would be more enjoyable than my experiences in high school? But I know, whatever the outcome, it still depends on the choices I will make.

This last quarter was the busiest one we’ve ever had. We got all “wrapped up” with our projects. Among these is the Investigatory Study (Physics), Project Proposal for the School (Economics), and the “Play fest“(English and El Filibusterismo). We were so glad that the exams were held earlier because all we wanted after months of doing schoolwork is to relax ourselves from exhaustion.

Also, since lessons in school started, our class has been working so hard to save money for our educational trip in Dumaguete. It’s nice that the school approved our selling of foods during recess and lunch time. It became easier for us to accumulate the amount of money we need to attain.

For the whole week since March 15, all we did was practice and practice and practice all morning for our graduation while in the afternoon, we taught the Prep class for their tribute to their parents which will be held next Friday. Practicing was fun especially because we were combined with the Grade 6 class but I think teaching the little kids is more satisfying. We are learning so much from these children, even if we’re ten years older than them.

My last year at St. Francis of Assisi School is about to end. I feel blissful because I have successfully fulfilled my responsibilities as a high school student. I am also grateful for the financial support you gave me. I pray that you may continue to help other students who cannot afford to go to a private school due to financial reasons. Through your works, you are inspiring young people like me to reach out to those who need our help-even in simple ways. Thank you very much!!!

I also pray that God may guide and keep you protected always.

With love,
Jeremy Deogracias

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i like it... i'm one of the recipient...but not this type of scholarship.