Friday, March 29, 2019

Franzi's and Annelie's Weekly Journal: We had friends from Germany!

[Week 22:  March 18 – March 22, 2019]

During this school week, nothing really special happened despite the fact that we had some visitors again. Franzi’s Boyfriend, Luca, together with her two friends, Julia and Jana, came from Germany to visit her in the Philippines after travelling around Luzon. They were eager to see how our work looks like. 

On Monday and Thursday, we showed them our normal schedule at St. Francis. We first went to our classrooms for English, Science and Math classes, then went to the Library and read stories in daycare and kindergarten. The kids were so excited to see new faces and lost their shyness by asking a lot of questions. It was really fun to see how our friends and the students interacted with each other.

On Wednesday, we could continue with our handball tutorial during P.E. class for Grades 7 to 10. This time, we started to get used to the ball with some passes and throws after a warm up specialized for handball. The students participated very well and they seem to had fun practicing their handball skills and playing with the ball. You could see that they already had some experience in dribbling and passing through basketball. So, we could already play a little handball game at the end of the day with grade 10. We only have few weeks left until the end of the school year so we will speed up and introduce some defending and attacking techniques and tactics. We are confident that we will see a real handball game at the end of our tutorial.

See you next week! 👋

Franzi and Annie

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