Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Franzi's and Annelie's Weekly Journal

[Week 18 Feb - 22 Feb 2019]

During the third week we already had something like a routine. In the morning we went to the classes and to the library and in the afternoon we read the stories for the little children.

But there was also something new in our schedule. After the regular classes of the students, the sponsored students had to stay another hour at school to write the letters for their sponsor. We started in grade one and continued every day with the next grade. All the students were really happy to draw and write some words for their sponsor.

We also joined the practices for the sports fest in March. So all the high schoolers had to practice during P.E and after the school for their cheer dance competition and even the ones from elementary school started to learn a dance which they are going to perform.

So it was another exciting week and we're looking forward to all the following weeks where we have the opportunity to work with Tapulanga Foundation and the St. Francis of Assisi school!

See you next week 👋
Franzi and Annie

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