Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Building Hope for the Arriola Family

Mrs. Patricia Arriola and Mr. Jose Arriola are one of the beneficiaries of Tapulanga Foundation's Typhoon Yolanda House.  They live peacefully in a village across SFAS surrounded by fish ponds. 

It is a 1-kilometer walk or a 15-minute ride through a habal-habal, a Filipino term for a motorcycle ride with an extended backseat.  To reach their house, you will have to pass through a narrow rocky road through the sugarcane fields and fish ponds.  

Patricia and Jose have four children.  Jose works as a rice miller to support their family's needs.  Their children are recipients of educational scholarships from Tapulanga Foundation.  Their eldest, Pia Jean graduated from SFAS and is currently taking up BS Education in Carlos Hilado Memorial State College.  Her other siblings Princess Joy (Grade 9), Kaselle (Grade 8) and Prince Justin (Grade 2) are in SFAS.

Their old house was just one-bedroom so the other two siblings mostly slept at their relative's house next door. After the devastation caused by Typhoon Yolanda, through the assistance of Tapulanga Foundation, they were able to build a two bedroom house, where they can all now fit in.

"We are really thankful and grateful to Tapulanga Foundation for generously extending help to us.  We hope that they can help more families and children to have a better future," Mrs. Arriola added. 

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