Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Halloween for Tapulanga!

Every year, the Barrientos brothers, Diego and Andro, and their friends and even young at heart parents go all out for Halloween. This year they decided to collect candies for a cause and remembered their Tapulanga scholars, Reign and Ian.

They asked Anton, Tyler, Lucas, Mayur, Kody, Kabir, Lucas, Anton and another Lucas to bring toys, books and candies or anything they wish to share. And all came with these gifts and their scary faces!

After almost two hours of pillaging for candies, they brought home their loot and shared with Tapulanga!

Thank you very much Andre, Luis, Lucas, Kabir, Anton, Tyler, Lucas, Kody, Diego, Lucas, Mayur and Andro! May other kids follow what you have done!  

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