Friday, October 18, 2013

Carwash for a Cause

Morning begins. The sun rises. You wake up, and it’s a Saturday. There’s not much on today’s to-do list. What to do?

Why, start a carwash of course!

That’s what eight-year-old Andro Barrientos decided to do for a weekend. His attempt to raise his own money earned the support of his older brother, Diego, and their grandfather.

Andro’s brother joins him. And, as this carwash endeavor carried on even until the next weekend, so do their friends – Tyler, Xavier, Anton, Ridge.

Apparently Mr. and Mrs. Felix Barrientos have set a great example for these two – the Barrientos brothers are two of Tapulanga Foundation’s donors:  Andro sponsors the books of Ian Oquindo,  a 3rd grade scholar, and Diego the lunch meal of 4th grader Reign Dela Cruz.

Andro admits they raised only a small amount, but that’s not what really matters.

To their family’s favorite charity, Tapulanga Foundation, Andro gives their hard-earned Php420 – from him and his brother Diego, his friends Tyler, Xavier, Anton, and Ridge.

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