Thursday, August 22, 2013

A Friendship Between Four Boys

My name is Andro and my friend in St. Francis is Ian.  Ian is in Grade 3.  I met him this year.

It makes me happy that I am able to care for Ian.  I like his school because it has a beautiful church that has recycled but beautiful decoration.

Andro Barrientos, who is 8 years old, sponsors the books of Tapulanga Foundation scholar, Ian Oquindo.

I met my friend Reign this year.  I was a bit shy.  But when we were playing the game I got him, we started to bond and we liked it.  I realized he was nice.

I feel good that I am able to help him in school.  I hope I can continue to help him because I know he will also be able to help his family when he grows up.

In our pictures that was taken on our 2nd day of visit, we enjoyed playing Jenga in the library.  The library may be small but it had lots of books and my brother Andro also enjoyed reading.  We think people should come visit St. Francis of Assisi School because it is very nice and the people, like the principal and Tita Mic, is also very nice.

Diego Barrientos, who is 11 years old, sponsors the lunch meal of TF scholar, Reign de la Cruz, who is in 4th grade.  

The Barrientos family:  Felix, Reggie, Diego and Andro, visited the school last July 22, 2013 and met their scholars for the first time!  It was truly another blessing that they shared their time (and gifts) with the children as well!

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