Friday, March 2, 2012

To NGOs and Non-profits in Negros

If you're part of an NGO / Non-profit in Negros or know someone who is part of an NGO / Non-profit, please forward this information along.

To NGOs and Non-profits in Negros (from Mic Abello Golez):

Greetings of Peace!

Last year, Tapulanga Foundation organized the How to Fund Raise seminar and participants learned so much that they asked for more.  It is for this reason that we are organizing this time a workshop where organizations can do an actual planning of a fundraiser for their foundation. 

Many still say their organization cannot afford the seminar fee.  Tapulanga Foundation invested Php12,000 many years ago to send me to Manila to attend a seminar on the Basic of Fund Raising. And this amount was big for us since we were still very, very small and our donors were a few.  But I came out of the seminar with so much learning and ideas and the confidence and enthusiasm I also needed that Tapulanga Foundation's donor base grew a hundredth fold since then.

Fund raising is the heart of a foundation because without it, you will not survive.  And many are not successful with it because they do not realize there is much to learn about it.  Moreover, many stay small thinking there is not enough donors out there.  In TF, there is no such thing as not enough donors.  Our concern is how to let everyone be donors!

This is a great opportunity as the seminar is only Php2,500 (and with discount if you send more than one participant)!  Compare this to the Php12,000 we spent many years ago! 

I hope that you will be able to join us and learn a lot and go home with a renewed spirit to raise more funds for your organization.

Ma. Carmela “Micmic” Abello-Golez

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