Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Micro-Credit Answers the Economic Concerns of a Local Household

The once simple balcony of Mrs. Jocelyn Belgera's house has been turned into a small sari-sari store two years ago when she qualified to be one of Tapulanga Foundation's Micro-credit beneficiary. With P6,000.00 as starting capital, she shares she is able to send her son to college. She renews her loan every two months, paying on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. During peak months or when there is a special occasion like a fiesta or Christmas, she borrows more from the foundation to earn more.

Mrs. Belgera supports the weekly allowance of her son at John B. Lacson College, Alijis, Bacolod City from the income of her store. A resident of Hda. Tinihaban, Silay City, her son has to stay in Bacolod on weekdays, thus, she saves her income both for the allowance and the remittance payment for her micro-credit loan.

"It is the TRUST of the Tapulanga Foundation entrusted to me that I am very grateful about. I hope that both my children will learn the value of BEING MAN FOR OTHERS as they themselves will someday sponsor poor but deserving students."
Mrs. Belgera is married to Agapito, who is a farm laborer in Hacienda Tinihaban. They have two children: Jophet, a graduate of St. Francis of Assisi School and a scholar as well of the foundation and Agazelen, her daughter who is a Grade 6 scholar of St. Francis Of Assisi School at present.

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