Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fundraiser Seminar in Negros

To NGOs in Negros (from Mic Abello Golez):

Greetings of Peace!

Several years ago, I attended a seminar on the Basic of Fund Raising in Manila. It cost the foundation more than Php12,000 for the seminar fee, airfare and lodging. Nevertheless, every peso spent by the foundation was worth it as it brought back to the foundation thousands of pesos more!

I would constantly invite people I know who are into fund raising as well to attend the seminar but their usual response is this: “Our group just can’t afford.”

As Tapulanga Foundation celebrates 10 blessed years of an increasing and growing donor base, we have decided to SHARE this blessing to others. We are but a small organization and we know many can relate to us. Surprisingly, many take it for granted or are not aware that there are lessons to be learned in raising funds. Many fail or have a hard time raising funds because they lack the know-how on how to do it.

Fundraising is something that most non-profits and NGOs aspire to do well so we put together this seminar with experts who can share their knowledge and experience to the community. It is our hope as well that you have something to share, your experience in fund raising in your own way, that can help all of us.

I hope that you will be able to join us and learn a lot and go home with a renewed spirit to raise more funds for your organization.


Ma. Carmela “Micmic” Abello-Golez

Click here for details and information on the upcoming seminar on Fundraising at Nature's Village in Talisay on March 2nd from 8am to 8pm.

To view photos of the seminar, please click here.

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