Saturday, July 31, 2010

No More Tears for Ten Babies!

Ten babies are not crying anymore for lack of milk; on the contrary, they are now enjoying free infant formula milk in Tapulanga Foundation's Infant Feeding Program. Aimee, Ian, Kirby, Sofia, Nicole, Aywin, Adie, Sheila and Kristel are looking healthy and happy ... these kids have ages ranging from 4 months old to almost 2 years. Some of them will be "graduating" from the program once they turn 2 years old.

We are now going on our 3rd year on this program and have helped 30 babies (including the present) have a better future by providing their first and most important 2 years with a good foundation in body and mind thru milk.

We require mothers to breastfeed for the first 4 months and many of them continue to breastfeed for a whole year but since they are back working in the farm, they breastfeed only when they are not working and they provide infant formula milk to their babies already thru the help of the foundation's program.

Please visit our website and click on Donate if you want to know more about how to help this program.

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