Saturday, May 8, 2010

Learning to Take a GREAT Photo

The Practical Photography Class of Jay Abello held last April 12 - 17, 2010 at Balay Negrense, Silay City was participated by 15 amateur hobbyists, six of whom were students.

The participants were re-oriented with the essential principles of photography. What makes a photograph good and what makes it great? They also learned how professionals take winning photographs. And they learned how to shoot every genre there is: travel, glamor, still life, portraiture, etc.

The class did not teach technical stuff on photography. It was strictly a creative class.

Participants were basically taught how to take a "great" picture.
During their first 3 days, they took photos
at the Silay City market and Balay Negrense.

On the other days, they learned to take photos of
food and products.

First, read your manual! It is information at your fingertips! Photography is capturing a moment ... it only passes once! Be ready with the technical settings of your camera so you can capture that perfect moment perfectly! - Mrs. Ina Gaston

Taking the practical photography class with Jay was an unique experience - challenging and a lot of fun. The importance of focus, light, time of day and really knowing your subject are now foremost on my mind each time I reach for my camera. - Mrs. Gigi Campos

"At whatever phase you are in your life, you have to challenge yourself to do unfamiliar things and learn the discipline that goes with it."
- Mrs. Lynell Gaston

"A soft photo ruins the story of the photo; it will make the theme artificial." -
Stephanie Montero, student

A special thank you to these people who donated their time and/or resources
during the Practical Photography Workshop:
Checcs Osmena
Ann Acaso
Gboy Dacles
"the models" - Axa and Alexa Yao, Maricar Octaviano, Enrique and Sabina Gaston
Denise Gaston of Cafe 1925


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