Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Learning To Write

One of the teachers of SFAS, Mrs. Josie C. Bactong, attended a workshop on Advance Campus Journalism for High School and Elementary Paper Editors last September 26-27, 2009 in Queen of Peace, Bacolod City. The Tapulanga Foundation sponsored Mrs. Bactong's fees and transportation expenses.

The workshop was designed to equip participants with updated knowledge and skills needed in the preparation of school publications. Lecturers were Allen V. Del Carmen, M.S. in Journalism, Journalism Professor and USLS MassComm; Nannette Guadalquiver, M.A. in Journalism, Ateneo de Manila University Correspondent, Business World; Faculty, USLS MassComm and Nida Buenafe Sports Editor, DAILY STAR.

"I learned many things in attending this training such as photojournalism, editorial cartooning, sports writing and feature writing". - Mrs. Josie C. Bactong

* Mrs. Bactong is currently one of the writers of the school and foundation blog.

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