Thursday, September 4, 2008


Imagine you are a 49 year old man, with a 48 year old wife, seven children ages 25 to 9, unemployed and without health insurance. You have had pains on your shoulder blade for weeks. After weeks of looking for money, you finally find enough to pay for a visit to a doctor. Then you are told YOU have CANCER! This is the story of Antonio Cablara.

The first round of chemotherapy was made possible by Congressman Kako Lacson, Talisay City Mayor Eric Saratan, Ikaw Kabuhi Ko and a couple of anonymous donors.

Six months of good health followed. Antonio and his family welcomed Christmas 2007 with joy as they celebrated his return to wellness. But by May 2008, Antonio’s cancer had returned. More chemotherapy, more tests, more medicines, mounting expenses and not even the smallest income to pay for all these. Uppermost in Antonio’s mind was where to find the money to support his family and pay for yet another round of treatments.

Once again, Mayor Saratan helped. Then the TAPULANGA FOUNDATION became a donor and another donor added to the pool of money. BUT, Antonio and his family still need food. One son who was able to help a little has just been laid off.

Where does Antonio go from here? A second round of treatments is covered. But what future is there for him and his family without the help of others?

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