Saturday, September 8, 2007

Another Featured Scholar

Elthon Buensuceso, 3rd year high school student:

Like my sponsor, I want to help others achieve their goals ...


Anonymous said...

I have friends who come from the most venerable families and are fortunate enough to have inherited the vast resources to match their august surnames. Surprisingly enough, for all the lineage, culture, and assets, they are mostly the ones who live simply, in that peculiar, understated way no one outside their circle would understand. “Lifestyle editors” would find them a disappointment.

The really rich and the old rich concern themselves with civic organizations and their donations are mostly made anonymously or through foundations that usually don’t bear their names.

yOU ARE DOING WHAT YOUR GRANDMOTHER HAD STARTED, A LEGACY THAT WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED. Amongst the grandchildren, you could have done a different calling but it's the humblest of all. GOD BLESS YOU MIC and J.R.!

mgolez said...

Thank you to whoever you are ... indeed we could we working in a big corporation in a big city right now ... but I can only THANK GOD for blessing me with what I'm doing now - it is where I am happiest and it's really what I want to do! What more can I ask?