Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Thank you to our OFWs

I just read about the Malu Fernandez debacle on inquirer and although the end result was good for the OFW community, I'm sure many of them may still feel the hurt from her words.

In the 15 years that I've lived overseas as a college student, professional and now a parent, I've become more aware of the great divide between the rich and the poor not only in the Philippines but in the world. I only fully understood in the past few years that this great divide is mostly a result of circumstances that people are born into.

When I meet an OFW and I learn about how they were able to overcome poverty in the Philippines and became successful in their jobs in America or elsewhere, I admire them because they didn't rely on their heritage to succeed in life. I also admire them for their genuine character. They are often the kindest individuals you'll ever meet and they have a genuine love for the Philippines and their fellow Filipino.

I am proud to be a Filipino when I think of the OFWs who sacrifice their lives for their spouse, children and extended family back home. In the 6 years since we started Tapulanga Foundation, the most surprising acts of kindness and generosity we have encountered were from OFWs, some of whom we have never even met. They share our hope and dream for the children of farm workers to have a better life. They are are an inspiration to us and we thank them from the bottom of our hearts.

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